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About Me.

My biggest concern for when I decide to retire was what will I do? I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and reading, but I needed something more, especially for the winter. Worked most of my life, am not creative so I thought that, that avenue would be closed to me,--- I can create.

Last year, went to visit a friend in Alberta, on her front entrance stood this beautiful tall sculpture of a woman and her dog.  I had to ask her where she got it and what it was made of?

Paverpol, I was intrigued. We went to visit the person that had created it.  Spent time with her and explained to me about the process. I was excited especially when she told me that you don't need to be creative to do Paverpol. I purchased some beautiful herons from her and did more research. Later that summer, I visited family in Manitoba, she was also needing a new challenge, she is very creative.  So I told her about Paverpol, luckily, there is a Certified Paverpol Instructor that lives only miles from her. So we  booked a 2 hour Sip and Sculpt.  Now we are both hooked on it and we also attained a Certified Paverpol Instructors' certificate. Best decision.


You too can find your inner  creative self.  What better way then with Paverpol!